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Mani Monday: Blue Universe

IMG_20130812_134552For this mani I tried a “new” glitter nail polish my Photographer boo, Nicole [LINK], gave me. I *think* she said that she tried it but didn’t like it and that she wanted me to have it because she knows how addicted how much I love nail polish. 🙂 Continue reading

Mani Monday: Starry Night

curlsandmo.com - manimon 060313My goodness! I feel like I haven’t done a Mani Monday in forever. The truth is I stopped using coconut oil for a little bit (y’all know I love my coconut oil) and my nails started breaking! I’m no nail diva but I refuse to post pictures of ratchet nails. Period! (No, that’s not a shot at anyone. It’s a personal preference. Lol.) Continue reading

Friday’s 5 Loves 5.10.13

Friday LovesIt’s finally gorgeous in NYC! Finally! I am excited because tomorrow is the May Curly Card Night. I’m not expecting as many guests as usual – I think I picked a bad weekend since Mother’s Day is the next day. But, we’re going to have fun regardless! I’m also excited because I’m planning some other types of events so those should be fun. If you haven’t already, please take a second to join the Continue reading

Mani Monday: Monday Blues

curlsandmo.com - manimon 040813-2This past weekend I attended the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS) NYC. (Recap this week!) It’s a huge two day expo for makeup companies, artists and lovers. I attended Saturday and I really liked it. I was hesitant about attending because I’m just starting to explore makeup but I’m Continue reading