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Natural Hair How-To: Fix Your Wack Conditioner

www.curlsandmo.com Fix Conditioner 1 (1)A while back I was in ULTA and I saw that güd conditioner was on sale. After hearing so many naturals rave about it I picked it up. I REALLY didn’t like it – it didn’t have any slip imo – so I gave it away. Then I picked up some Suave conditioner which also gets a lot of raves in the natural hair community. Continue reading

Coconut Oil: Why You Need Some NOW!

Coconut Oil is one of the best natural ways to nourish your hair and skin. It is easily absorbed and helps replace the protective layer of natural oil and acids that are lost through cleansing the hair and skin by “keeping the good stuff in”. It can help turn dry damaged hair into shiny healthy hair. It can also prevent dry flaky skin when used as a rich concentrated moisturizer.

If you follow me on instagram (@curlsandmo) you may have seen the coconut oil I got for a steal a few weekends ago. Ever since going natural I’ve been hearing how amazing coconut oil is. Last year I bought a 2 oz. bottle and while I did like it, it wasn’t the purest form so I wanted to revisit it. My expanding product collection wouldn’t allow me to but when I found a 24 oz. jar for $5 I couldn’t pass it up and I’m glad I didn’t.

Coconut Oil can be used on your skin, hair, nails and ingested (I’ve heard but don’t plan on trying) but so far I have only used it on my skin and it’s amazing. Once I complete the Castor Oil Challenge, I will also use it to seal my hair and the next time I do a manicure I will definitely rub some into my nails and cuticles. I honestly can see what all of the hype is about; I think I’ve found my staple oil!

Tip: Mine expires in 2014 but to ensure that it remains fresh I never put my hands inside the jar. I always use a spoon to get the product out of the jar and preserve its freshness.

Do you use coconut oil? If so, what for? Is it one of your staples? Please share below.