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Spring AfroBeat Jewelry Review + Spring Giveaway!

Giveaway1AfroBeat Jewelry is inspired by the bold, vibrant colors of Africa. Blogger and jewelry extraordinaire, Nonee Ngazimbi, the curator of the pieces, is a senior level nursing student whose Zimbabwean roots inspire her dauntless creations. Each piece has its own signature and is made especially for you, with love and is available through her etsy shop.
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3 Year Curliversary: Why I LOVE My Natural Hair & Giveaway!

This month is my THREE year curliversary. *throws confetti* While I’ll admit that I was VERY lost in the beginning, going natural has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! I know that may sound dramatic but if you are natural, too, I can only hope that your journey has been as fulfilling and rewarding as mine. Here are a few of the top reasons why I LOVE my natural hair.

Versatility – Natural hair allows so much creativity. I don’t experiment as much as I would like to but I’ve tried so many styles that I could have never achieved with my [boring] relaxed hair.

Health – Although my relaxed hair wasn’t unhealthy and neither was I (technically) since going natural I am more conscious of what I consume, product (hair, skin and face) ingredients and drink more water. I don’t know why, but for me, being natural pushes me to go the distance health-wise.

Events – If you know me then you know I looooove natural hair events. LOL. I love networking with other naturals and discussing hair – I can talk about products, styles and tools for hours. Smh.

Community – Along with the events comes a wonderful sense of community. Of course every now and then I encounter a fellow naturalista who isn’t so friendly but that’s life. The love I have received within the natural hair community is overwhelming sometimes. For the most part everyone genuinely cares about helping each other and we all look out for one another.

Opportunities – Being natural has afforded me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and even start Curls and Mo. I have so many plans for the future I can hardly contain myself when I think about them. Currently I am one of two natural Staff writers at Longing4Length.com – check out my natural hair posts on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month! If it wasn’t for my natural hair I would have never been a “Staff Writer”. I think that’s the coolest thing ever and I’m so excited every time I think about it.

Now what would a Curls and Mo 3 year curliversary be without a GIVEAWAY?!? Here are the prizes:

1 set of Amrita Singh bracelets

$15 Forever 21 Gift Card

50+  Hair Product Samples

To Enter: Visit Curls and Mo on facebook and click the “Giveaway” tab at the top right corner. I hope you will all enter!

How long have you been natural? What have been some of your natural accomplishments? Do you love it?