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Wealth & Wellness: Mid-Year Check-In

www.curlsandmo.com Wellness Check-InAs some of you may remember, the first week of 2013 was Wealth & Wellness Week here on the blog. We talked about setting and reaching goals, creating a vision board, saving money and getting organized. Today I’m here to check-in and update you all on how I’ve been doing and I hope that you will update me as well (leave a comment).

This year I have hosted four Curly Card Nights, one Let’s Thrift and one Curlfriends Swap Party. I have attended one blogger conference, one women in business conference and several panels. In addition I have been drinking green smoothies more regularly, I am slowly switching transitioning my hair and body products to all-natural/organic (I’ll talk more about why in a later Continue reading

Recap: Let’s Thrift #MYCthrift

curlsandmo.com Lets Thrift 4 This past Sunday I co-hosted Let’s Thrift with Melissa Chanel. It was my first time co-hosting an event and it was a lot of fun. Continue reading

Review: Ebates.com – Where It Pays To Shop Online

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, I’m still stuffed! Lol. Since today is Black Friday and Cyber Monday is upon us, I thought this post would be appropriate. I am a HUGE online shopper. While I love shopping, I do not like shopping in stores. I don’t like crowds or hustle and bustle so as you can imagine I enjoy sales from the comfort of my home. One website I love for online shopping is Ebates.com because I earn money for purchases I would have made anyway so it’s the best of both worlds.

What Is Ebates.com? Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provides them with the best coupons and deals online.  It was founded in 1998 and Ebates has paid over $85,000,000 in cash to its members. Over 12 million people have joined Ebates.

Who Can Use Ebates.com? Anyone shopping online can visit retailers directly through Ebates.com to shop and receive cash back.

Where Can You Earn Ebates.com Cash Back? Through any of the Ebates.com 1,200 online stores.

When Ebates.com Can Be Used? Whenever you shop online.

Why Use Ebates.com? I have been using Ebates.com since 2009 and received multiple payments from the site. I prefer to shop online whenever possible because I like the convenience and there are way more specials online. With Ebates not only is it convenient but it’s economical.

How Does Ebates.com Work?

  1. Sign up for Ebates.com by clicking HERE.
  2. Visit Ebates.com every time you want to shop online.
  3. Browse the 1,200+ online retailers and select the one(s) you want to purchase from.
  4. Browse that store’s coupons and specials and then click “Buy Now”. {You MUST click “Buy Now” for your purchase to be tracked to your account.}
  5. Wait 24-48 hours after your purchase and you will get a notice stating the purchase date, purchase total and cash back total.

BONUS – Ebates Referral Program: Until 12/31/12 you will receive $25 for your 1st referral and $5 for each additional referral.

Have questions? Watch this easy to follow video and informational about Ebates.com.

Have you used Ebates.com? Do you use any other money-saving sites? Please share below.