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Wealth & Wellness: Mid-Year Check-In

www.curlsandmo.com Wellness Check-InAs some of you may remember, the first week of 2013 was Wealth & Wellness Week here on the blog. We talked about setting and reaching goals, creating a vision board, saving money and getting organized. Today I’m here to check-in and update you all on how I’ve been doing and I hope that you will update me as well (leave a comment).

This year I have hosted four Curly Card Nights, one Let’s Thrift and one Curlfriends Swap Party. I have attended one blogger conference, one women in business conference and several panels. In addition I have been drinking green smoothies more regularly, I am slowly switching transitioning my hair and body products to all-natural/organic (I’ll talk more about why in a later Continue reading

2013 W&W Week Part 3: What’s your vision?

www.curlsandmo.com Vision BoardYesterday we talked about how to figure out what we want now (2013) by examining what you did then (2012). You can read “2013 W&W Week Part 2: Setting Your 2013 Goals by Looking Back” here so you can print or download the workbook I shared.

This past weekend I finally completed my vision board. I still don’t know how a Continue reading