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Wealth & Wellness: Mid-Year Check-In

www.curlsandmo.com Wellness Check-InAs some of you may remember, the first week of 2013 was Wealth & Wellness Week here on the blog. We talked about setting and reaching goals, creating a vision board, saving money and getting organized. Today I’m here to check-in and update you all on how I’ve been doing and I hope that you will update me as well (leave a comment).

This year I have hosted four Curly Card Nights, one Let’s Thrift and one Curlfriends Swap Party. I have attended one blogger conference, one women in business conference and several panels. In addition I have been drinking green smoothies more regularly, I am slowly switching transitioning my hair and body products to all-natural/organic (I’ll talk more about why in a later Continue reading

2013 W & W Week Part 5: Let’s Get Organized!

W n W OrganizeOn Monday we talked about striving to be more financially stable in 2013. Tuesday I shared a workbook with you that will help you map out this year by reflecting on last year. Wednesday I shared my vision board and tips on making your own. Thursday I shared 3 easy ways you can successfully attain your goals. Today we’re going to talk about getting organized for the New Continue reading

2013 W&W Week Part 2: Setting Your 2013 Goals by Looking Back

www.curlsandmo.com 2013Yesterday’s post “5 Money Savers and a Money ‘Challenge’” was about money-saving tips and a 2013 money challenge. (You can catch up here.) The next three days (including today) will be about setting our 2013 goals.

The first step to reaching your 2013 goals is to not only decide what you want but to analyze and think about 2012’s challenges, triumphs, accomplishments Continue reading

2013 W&W Week Part 1: 5 Money Savers and a Money “Challenge”

www.curlsandmo.com Wellness Money

They say 13 is an unlucky number but I disagree, I feel quite lucky so far this year. Now that the New Year is here it’s a great opportunity to start some new money-saving habits (and stick with them!) Here are some of my favorite money-saving suggestions:

1. Review Your Bank Statement – I like to do most of my shopping online (you’ll see why in #2) so sometimes when I order something I forget. Late last month I noticed I was charged early the previous month by an unfamiliar Continue reading

2013 Wealth and Wellness Week

www.curlsandmo.com Wellness Intro

I don’t know about you but 2012 was an amazing year for me. (Check out my highlights here!) And, 2013 has started off with a BANG! In light of my quest for constant self-improvement I’ve decided to forget about hair and beauty for the first full week of 2013. This week I’m going to focus on you and me. This entire week every post will be dedicated to our Wealth and Wellness in 2013. My hope Continue reading